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Frequently Asked Questions

Helping Riley Children’s Foundation

Riley Children's Foundation is located at 500 N. Meridian Street, Suite 100, Indianapolis, Indiana

If you wish to donate by mail, please mail your check to:

Riley Children's Foundation, PO Box 3356, Indianapolis, IN 46206

Riley Children’s Foundation is a not-for-profit organization, section 501©(3). All donations are tax deductible to the extent allowed by law.

Yes, it is simple to make a gift to honor in memory of someone special. Look for the “Tribute Information” section of our online donation form, and indicate the name of the person you would like to honor with your gift.

We will ask you to provide the address of the honoree or their family so we can notify them of your gift, however, the amount will remain confidential and you can also remain anonymous if you choose.

Yes, you can indicate the area you would like to support by making a selection in the “Available Programs” section of our online giving form, or by writing your preference in the subject line of your check. You can also make an unrestricted gift, which allows Riley leadership to apply your funding to the areas of most critical need.

Our organization serves as the fundraising arm for the hospital as a whole. We are unable to direct donations toward individual families. However, gifts you make to Riley Children’s Foundation can be made in honor or memory of a patient or caregiver, and you can choose to channel your donation to a specific hospital program if you wish.

Riley Children’s Foundation values ethical stewardship of donor funding and careful use of resources to maximize the help we provide to children. Less than 21 cents per every dollar we raise is used to offset our fundraising costs, compared with the average of 31 cents per dollar among nearly 1,700 member hospitals within the Association for Healthcare Philanthropy.

Planned or estate gifts enable you to make a meaningful gift to Riley after your family’s immediate needs are met, and can also provide tax benefits. To learn more about creating your legacy to benefit Indiana children, click here or contact Kate Brinkerhoff, J.D.

Contact us to explore gift options that help you leave a legacy at Riley Hospital or Camp Riley.

Riley Children’s Foundation has many rewarding partnership opportunities for caring businesses and their employees. Click here to learn more. Or contact Gillian Gray.

Riley Children’s Foundation focuses on monetary donations, which are the most efficient way to take care of the most urgent needs of Riley patients. Making a financial gift also minimizes problems such as storage, over-abundance of certain items and infection risks. If you want to make a gift that brings joy and comfort to children at Riley Hospital, we are happy to accept your financial donation and direct it toward the Riley Child Life staff. Contact Cara Lathrop for more information at

Certain non-monetary donations can be accepted by the Riley Cheer Guild, however, strict guidelines are in place to ensure patient safety. (For example, no cards or used toys can be accepted due to infection control policies.) You can reach the Riley Cheer Guild by calling 317.944.8705, or by emailing To view the toy room wish list please visit Please call to schedule all deliveries in advance.

Fundraising for Riley Children’s Health

Thank you for your interest in raising money to help Riley kids. Click this link for guidance on creating fundraising events and to learn how to set up your own Riley fundraising website.

Yes, however, promotional materials that use the Riley name must use the terms “...proceeds to benefit Riley Children’s Foundation” (or “Camp Riley” or “Riley Hospital for Children”).

Riley Children’s Foundation is the beneficiary, rather than sponsor of all fundraising projects and events. Therefore, Riley’s name cannot be used in titles such as “Riley Run” or “Riley’s Lemonade Stand.” No references may be used in a manner that implies that Riley Children’s Foundation approves or endorses you, your website or your goods and services.

Generally, logo requests will not be granted. You may not use our logo without Riley Children’s Foundation’s specific prior written authorization. This requirement applies to broadcast promotions, all printed materials, web content and any other promotional information related to your event. Images for specialty items such as t-shirts, caps, buttons, pins, coffee mugs etc. must be submitted for approval prior to production. For more information on events, click here.

Please email us at or call 317.634.4474. To maximize the help we can provide to children at Riley Hospital, we ask that you order only what is needed.

Learn About Riley Children’s Foundation and Riley Children’s Health

Friends of the beloved Hoosier poet James Whitcomb Riley formed The Riley Memorial Association, now named Riley Children’s Foundation, in 1921.

Riley Children’s Health and Riley Hospital for Children are part of the Indiana University Health system.

Riley Children’s Health and Riley Hospital for children are non-profit organizations.

Recognizing Riley Kids

We are grateful for your willingness to share your story in order to raise awareness about Riley and inspire others. Click here to fill out a My Riley Story form online or to access a printable form that can be mailed to:

Riley Children’s Foundation
Attn.: My Riley Story
500 N. Meridian St. Suite 100
Indianapolis, Ind. 46204

Riley Champion nominations are due each year in June. Learn more and submit a nomination form here.