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Supporting the Entire Family

Providing the best care for kids means more than diagnosing and treating illnesses and injury.

It means offering comfort, education and support to make life better for the whole family – and help kids just be kids.

Riley Child Life specialist giving a high five to Riley kid at the table of multiple toys.

Expand and Enhance Family-centered Support Programs

Through donor funding, we will enhance and sustain our family-centered support programs. These teams anticipate a family’s needs and help meet the challenges that come with navigating a child’s health condition.

Child Life tile Image

Child Life

Child Life Specialists use therapeutic interventions to support kids during medical procedures, illnesses, and hospitalization.

Social Work Tile I Mage

Social Work

Dedicated social workers help families cope with the wide variety of challenges that arise during a child’s hospitalization, easing their burdens so they can focus on their child’s health.

School Program Tile

School Program

Through the school program, kids and teens don’t have to miss out on important education while receiving treatment.

Creative Art Tile Image

Creative Arts Therapy

Using a combination of counseling and creative arts, these teams address emotional and mental health needs for both kids and family members during hospitalization.

Grief tileimage

Grief and Bereavement Services

These programs provide compassionate, individualized support for families who have lost a child.

Camp Riley Tile

Camp Riley

Camp Riley is an annual summer camp program lets children with physical and cognitive diagnoses experience life without limits, and adventures that help them build confidence and friendships.

Support Riley kids and families