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Making a difference for Riley kids through dancing.

Every step taken as a part of a Riley Dance Marathon is a step for Indiana’s children

By "this generation fighting for the next" for hours on end, college and high school students across Indiana raise millions of dollars each year for Riley Children’s Health.

Dance Marathon Header
Dance Marathon Circle

What is Riley Dance Marathon?

College and high school students across Indiana raise millions of dollars annually for Riley Children’s Health through Riley Dance Marathons.

This student-led, year-round philanthropic movement culminates in an electric, heartfelt multi-hour event where students are engaged in fundraising and activities to honor the kids and families we serve.

Students love this experience, knowing that they have generated funds to support thousands of kids every year who receive care from Riley Children’s.

This generous spirit supports lifesaving medical care and research at Riley. Riley Dance Marathons have raised more than $70 million for Riley Hospital since 1991. Every dollar raised makes an impact for Riley kids.

Join a Dance Marathon or Support a Participant

By joining a Dance Marathon or supporting a participant with your donation, you are investing in hope for today’s youth.

Send us a note at and we can help you find an event or a participant.

Interested in starting a Dance Marathon?

If you’re interested in setting up a Riley Dance Marathon at your school, get started with these three easy steps.

Step One: Establish a relationship with Riley Children’s Foundation! Email with your school's name to discuss how your school can maximize fundraising and awareness for Riley.

Step Two: Obtain administrative approval from your school to form a Riley Dance Marathon club, participate in online fundraising for Riley, and host an annual event.

Step Three: Start a Riley Dance Marathon club.

• Select a staff advisor to lead the student group.

• Appoint committed students who will work with the staff advisor to launch your high school Riley Dance Marathon.

• Turn in your DonorDrive request form to the Riley Dance Marathon team.

• Recruit additional student committee members and participants.

• Set the date of your Riley Dance Marathon main event.

Looking for the Riley Dance Marathon Toolkit?

The Riley Dance Marathon Toolkit offers electronic versions of Riley Dance Marathon resources to aid in fundraising efforts.

You can request a toolkit by emailing

We hope these materials are helpful to implement our Riley Dance Marathon brand and growing your program.

Contact us to learn more about how to get involved with Riley Dance Marathon, donate partnerships or to request a Toolkit.