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Community Events FAQS

What type of events can someone organize to raise money for Riley Children's Health?

Hundreds of third-party events are held each year to raise money for Riley Children's Health. Events range from bake sales and car washes to golf outings and silent auctions. In addition, you can participate in any run/walk/bike and raise money for Riley Children's Health. For more ideas on fundraising events, click here.

Can event organizers use the Riley name for an event?

Promotional materials that use the Riley name must use the terms "Proceeds to benefit Riley Children's Foundation" (or "Camp Riley" or "Riley Children's Health") or "Benefiting "Riley Children's Health" (or "Camp Riley" or "Riley Children's Foundation"). Riley Children's Foundation is the beneficiary, rather than sponsor, of all fundraising projects and events. Therefore, the Riley name cannot be used as such: "Riley Run, or Riley's Lemonade Stand" as examples. No references may be used in a manner that implies or suggests that Riley Children's Foundation is sponsoring the event.

Can event organizers use the Riley logo for an event?

You may not use our logo without Riley Children's Foundation's specific prior written authorization. This requirement applies to broadcast promotions, all printed materials, web content and any other promotional information or specialty items related to your event. Generally, logo requests will not be granted.

Can event organizers host an event in honor/memory of someone?

Yes. Please include the full address of the individual or family (in honor/memory of) whom we should notify of your contribution. All memorial and honorary gifts are acknowledged if we have appropriate contact information. The amount of the gift will remain confidential. Notecards are also available for those planning a wedding and wishing to make a donation to Riley in lieu of gifts of favors. For more information or to request note cards, email

How much money raised by Riley Children's Foundation goes to support Riley?

85 cents of every dollar raised will go directly to Riley Children's Foundation and will support the greatest need or the designation of your choice. If you have any additional questions, please email or call 317.634.4474.

How do event organizers request fundraising items for an event?

Please click here to fill out the online event application and tell us about your event. Someone from the Community Fundraising Events team will reach out and work with you on your fundraising supply request. Please understand that while the Foundation does not charge you anything to order these supplies, there is a cost to the Foundation to supply them. Therefore, in an effort to minimize the cost of raising a dollar, please do not order more than needed.

Can event organizers request a Riley representative at an event?

Yes. When possible we are honored to have a Foundation representative attend events that benefit Riley Children's Health. Requests should be made at least two (2) weeks in advance by emailing

What resources does the Riley Children's Foundation provide to event organizers?

The event organizers take full responsibility for organizing and hosting the event. The Riley Children's Foundation does not administer or manage the events. We are happy to provide guidance to ensure that all policies and procedures are followed, and to provide event organizers with Riley materials (banners, buckets, etc.) to help make the event as successful as possible.

How do event organizers create an online giving page?

An online giving page can be created by clicking here. When creating your page you have the option to create your own fundraising page in a stand-alone effort or you create an online fundraising page that will then allow you to invite others to also create fundraising pages as part of your event.

What fundraising activities qualify as gaming?

The Indiana Gaming Commission defines gaming activities as the following: bingo, charity game night, raffles, door prizes, festivals, the sale of pull tabs, punch boards and tip boards and any other gambling event specifically approved by the Indiana Gaming Commission. All gaming activities require a license to be obtained by the event organizer. Please visit the Indiana Gaming Commission for more information.

How do event organizers obtain a gaming license?

Any event that includes charity gaming activities must obtain the proper license from the Indiana Gaming Commission. Click here for more information.

Riley Children's Foundation does not have a charity gaming license and therefore cannot host or participate in an event that includes gaming. Riley cannot accept donations from charity gaming or raffle events that do not obtain proper licensing.

Can event organizers serve alcohol at an event?

If you wish to dispense alcohol at your event, you must hire a licensed alcoholic beverage bartender. All required permits must be obtained by the event organizer. More information can be found at If alcohol is present at an event, proof of age must be required and signs posted to that effect. Alternate means of transportation are also recommended to be available to attendees and/or participants.

If my event takes place at a bar or alcohol establishment, can I request fundraising items?

No, Riley Children's Foundation prohibits the use of the Riley logo and all fundraising materials at events that take place in 21 and older establishments and where alcohol is the main event (i.e. beer, wine or bourbon tasting). Your event may use the Riley name as such "...proceeds to benefit Riley Children's Foundation" (or "Camp Riley" or "Riley Children's Health").

Can event organizers take a tour and host a check presentation at Riley Children's Health?

Yes, a Foundation representative is available to host tours and participate in a check presentation at Riley Children's Health, Monday through Friday between 8 am and 5 pm. Requests should be made two (2) weeks in advance by emailing This is subject to change based on Riley Children's Health visitor restrictions.

Can event organizers request Riley Children's Foundation's tax ID and W-9?

Requests for Riley's tax ID and W-9 are not approved. We cannot allow the use of our tax ID number for third-party events, as we are not administering and/or managing these events. Please contact the Foundation to determine the best way to accommodate the needs of the donor or sponsor that is requesting this information.

Does the Foundation accept the net proceeds or gross proceeds from an event?

Net proceeds. All expenses are the responsibility of the project/event organizer and must be paid before proceeds are given to Riley Children's Foundation. Riley Children's Foundation will only accept the net proceeds of the event or project.

Can event organizers direct the proceeds from an event to a specific area of the hospital or Camp Riley?

Yes, if you would like the designate your donation to a specific area of the hospital or Camp Riley, please indicate when making your donation. We're happy to direct your funds to your particular interests. The designation of the event proceeds must be communicated with participants/donors.

If you do not indicate a specific area where you would like to direct your fund, all donations will be directed to the general benefit of Riley Children's Foundation. This allows Riley Children's Foundation to direct your gift to where it is needed most.

Where do event organizers send the donation after an event?

Please send gifts to:

Riley Children's Foundation

Attention Community Fundraising Events team

PO BOX 3356

Indianapolis, IN 46206-3356

Please send your donation within 30 days of your event. Do not send cash in the mail. Checks should be made payable to Riley Children's Foundation. Events should submit one check with net proceeds, not individual checks.

Credit cards are accepted through or you can click here to set up your own online giving page where you can invite friends and family to support your fundraising efforts.

Will donors receive a tax receipt for their donation?

Donations of $11 or more written to Riley Children's Foundation that include the name and full address of the donor will receive a tax receipt. Donors cannot deduct charitable contribution amounts paid to buy a raffle or lottery tickets or to play bingo or other games of chance.

Events should submit one check with net proceeds, not individual checks.