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Community Events Policies and Guidelines

Use of Riley Name and Logo / Promotional Approval

Any fundraising project/event created, organized and operated by a third-party for the benefit of Riley Children's Health and using Riley images or logos in any promotions ("Third Party Event") must be approved in advance by Riley Children's Foundation and its communications department. This requirement applies to broadcast and web promotions and all printed materials referencing Supporting Riley Children's Foundation., Indiana University Health, Camp Riley, Riley Children's Health, James Whitcomb Riley Museum Home, James Whitcomb Riley Memorial Association or Riley Children's Foundation (individually, a "Riley Affiliate." and collectively, the "RCF Affilates"). Copy referencing any RCF Affiliates or RCF Affiliate programs used on specialty items such a t-shirts, caps, buttons, pins, coffee mugs, etc. must be submitted to Riley Children's Foundation for approval prior to production. Generally, logo requests will not be granted.

Riley as Beneficiary, Not Sponsor

Riley Children's Foundation and Riley Children's Health are the beneficiaries, rather than sponsors, of all third-party events. Riley Children's Foundation, Riley Children's Health and RCF Affiliates will take no part or responsibility for the organization, administration, or conduct of the third-party event. Promotional materials that use the Riley name should incorporate the following statement: "Proceeds to benefit Riley Children's Foundation" [or "Camp Riley" or "Riley Children's Health"].

Soliciting Sponsors

Please remember that many local organizations already support Riley Children's Health and Riley Children's Foundation and may not wish to make an additional contribution through your third-party event. Events should complement the mission and image of Riley Children's Foundation. Companies that conflict with the Foundation's mission or values are not suitable sponsors. We discourage sponsorship by alcohol companies and prohibit sponsorship by tobacco and firearm companies or others that do not support the health and well-being of children.

Expenses / Proceeds

When planning your third-party event, it is recommended that expenses be less than 30 percent of the total event income collected. If fundraising event expenses are greater than the total collected the third-party event organizer is responsible for paying the difference. Riley Children's Foundation will not assume liability for any third-party expenses.

Fundraising projects and events must be financially self-sustaining without contribution from or financial risk to Riley Children's Foundation. All third-party event expenses are the responsibility of the third-party event organizer and must be paid before net proceeds are given to Riley Children's Foundation. Riley Children's Foundation will only accept the net proceeds of a third-party event. Refunds or reimbursements of third-party event expenses will not be available after the event income is given to Riley Children's Foundation. Riley Children's Foundation is not financially or otherwise liable for the promotion, staging, operation or administration of third-party events.

It is preferred that events submit one check with net proceeds.

Tax Advice

Third-party event organizers should not provide tax advice to third-party event contributors. Organizers should refer individuals to tax or legal counsel for that information.

Organizer's Compliance with Legal Obligations

The third-party event organizer is responsible for obtaining all necessary permits, licenses, insurance and permission from local authorities.

Riley Children's Foundation and Riley Children's Health will not be liable for any injury sustained by the third-party event volunteers or participants related to an event benefitting the RCF Affiliates and will not assume any type of liability for a third-party event.

Any event that includes charity gaming activities must obtain the proper licenses from the Indiana Gaming Commission.

The third-party event organizer is solely responsible for the design and implementation of the event, including safety precautions. Third-party events must comply with all relevant laws, including Indiana state laws.


We recommend third-party events organizers provide Riley Children's Foundation written evidence of insurance covering the event and naming Riley Children's Foundation and the Riley Affiliates as additional insureds under the policy. Third-party event organizers must provide Riley Children's Foundation with a certificate of insurance showing Riley Children's Foundation and the Riley Affiliates as additional insureds under the policy if requested.


If alcohol is present at an event, proof of age must be required and signs posted to that effect. All required permits must be obtained. Alternative means of transportation are recommended to be available to attendees and/or participants.

Cancellation/Disassociation by Riley

Riley Children's Foundation may cancel a third-party event or disassociate with a third-party event at any time if these Third-Party Event Guidelines are not satisfied, or if it is determined that the third-party event does not honor Riley Children's Foundation's mission, vision and core values.

Riley Children's Foundation may not approve third-party events if they:

  • Take place in a 21 and older establishment
  • Require hospital endorsement of a product or service or hospital participation in direct sales of a product or service
  • Involve an agreement to raise funds on a commission, or bonus bias
  • Complete or conflict with an already established or scheduled event to benefit Riley

Riley Children's Foundation will not approve third-party events if they:

  • Utilize telephone or door-to-door solicitations
  • Fail to comply with any municipal, county, state and/or federal law
  • Fail to obtain any necessary permits or insurance
  • Involve the promotion of a political party, candidate or potential candidate
  • Involve unusual risk that could expose Riley Children's Health or RCF Affiliates to major liability
  • Involve companies and/or products that do not support the health and well-being of children
  • Do not honor the Riley Children's Foundation's mission, vision and core values
  • The primary activity of the event is centered around the consumption of alcohol, such as a beer crawl, wine tasting, bourbon tasting, etc.