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A Teacher and a Friend

My daughter Serenity is a sweet, smart, and kind girl. It’s difficult to remember that just over a year ago, she was suddenly fighting for her life.

She was throwing up blood; she couldn’t breathe, and she wound up in the emergency room. Her kidneys were failing, and she almost died. Everything changed so quickly. It was a devastating 24 hours. Serenity spent several weeks in the hospital, then started dialysis treatment. She has to be at Riley Children’s Health three times a week now.

Early on, it was hard for Serenity to get into the routine of dialysis. But there is no problem going now. The staff in dialysis are people she has a great connection to. Her teacher Kellee loves Serenity and vice-versa. They have a wonderful relationship. I love Riley for that.

Serenity is smart, and she gets good grades. With no education program here, it would be very hard for her. She would feel as if she were being left behind. With the school program, she has that extra contact with school. With her classmates. She’s keeping up. And Miss Kellee is her friend, not just her teacher.

One time Serenity was able to talk to her classmates at North Wayne Elementary School on the computer and showed them the dialysis unit. They learned what dialysis was, and why Serenity needs it. All the kids at school were saying they wanted to donate a kidney! Miss Kellee helped make that special time with her class happen.

Serenity loves Miss Kellee. She said to me, ‘Miss Kellee is so nice and kind, and she goes above and beyond for me. I love working with her.’

It’s nice that I don’t have to worry about Serenity missing things in school. It lifts a big burden. Our family and all these families are going through so much. This is a good place to donate. Kids can get their education, and not fall behind, while they are going through what they are going through.