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Bringing art to expectant and postpartum patients at Riley

Art Therapy

Recently, the art therapy program at Riley Children’s Health expanded into the new downtown maternity tower. Therapists are now able to meet the substantial emotional care needs of expectant and post-partum mothers. These caregivers provide counseling, if necessary, as well as trauma processing, therapeutic support, and helping provide creative and positive coping skills/. Therapists can also allow maternity patients the ability to ‘nest’ for baby as most were unable to do so before early hospitalization, as well as bereavement support and memory building.

This expansion was made possible through a grant from Women for Riley, a philanthropic group within Riley Children’s Foundation. Women for Riley is made up of women who are committed to making a difference in the lives of Riley Children’s Health patients and families by making annual gifts and volunteering their talents.

Art therapy support is just one of the many grants Woman for Riley supports. In 2022 alone, they awarded $156,200 in grants to 22 programs. Other grants include children's books to explain procedures and reduce anxiety for patients in the burn clinic, supplying safety items and consult to families with children with neurodevelopmental disabilities, and cooking kits through the Riley Food Pantry to provide kitchen supplies to assist families in cooking nutritious meals.

To date, Women for Riley has awarded $1.55 million in grants to Riley over the last thirteen years.

CTA: You can learn more about Women for Riley, including how to become a member, here or by emailing