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Delivering More Smiles, Miracles

Calina Jones-McKinzie
Calina Jones-McKinzie

Do me a favor. Take a moment to appreciate Calina Jones-McKinzie’s dazzling smile. She exudes happiness, doesn’t she? It’s hard to imagine that this effervescent 9-year-old from Gary has lived her whole life with debilitating pain and other complications that come with having sickle cell disease.

Thanks to generous donors like you, Riley Children’s Health has the expert team and programs in place to help her thrive – to help her smile. What a gift.

Zane Hendrickson
Zane Hendrickson

And think about Zane Hendrickson of Boonville. A competitive swimmer. Seemingly healthy. Then everything changed in an instant. His heart stopped beating eight different times. Riley’s nationally ranked team of cardiac specialists diagnosed and repaired his life-threatening heart defect. Today, Zane is enjoying his first semester at college. What a miracle.

For more than a century, Riley Children’s Foundation has raised crucial funds to help kids like Calina, Zane, and countless others overcome injuries and illnesses like cancer, diabetes, and heart defects. We’ll keep doing that – always.

But we also recognize that being healthy is about more than physical health. It must include mental and behavioral health. That’s why I’m proud to share that Riley Children’s Foundation has updated our mission statement to emphasize our commitment to all aspects of children’s health.

Today, our mission is: “To inspire people to invest in pediatric research, care, and programs that support the physical and mental health of kids.”

In concert with this change, we’ve identified new fundraising priorities to address the most pressing challenges and biggest opportunities in children’s health. We’re committed to raising funds to support Riley and its partners’ vision to:

  • Improve the mental and behavioral health of kids and teens
  • Bring the best and brightest pediatric specialists to Indiana
  • Spark new discoveries and innovations that transform care
  • Enhance equitable access to Riley expertise
  • Support kids and families through programs like Child Life, Social Work, Art Therapy, and Camp Riley.

During this season of giving, I hope you will consider investing in our mission by making a donation. As a reminder, through December 31, the Indianapolis Colts will match individual donations – up to $150,000 – toward areas of greatest need.

Let’s help more kids like Calina smile. Let’s deliver more miracles to teens like Zane. And let’s enable more children to enjoy good physical and mental health.

With warm appreciation,

Elizabeth A. Elkas
President and CEO
Riley Children’s Foundation