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Donors Fuel Recruitment

Donors Fuel Recruitment

Riley Children’s Foundation donor support has allowed Riley Hospital for Children and the Herman B Wells Center for Pediatric Research to continue their efforts to revolutionize care and the search for cures for kids.

Riley now has 10 Maternal-Fetal Medicine Specialists on its team thanks to donor funding that is helping recruit physicians to help mothers with high-risk pregnancies. Methodius Tuuli, M.D., joined in August and Christina Scifres, M.D. joined in September.

Last year, Riley Maternal-Fetal Medicine physicians, nurse practitioners and genetic counselors served 11,083 patients. The donor-funded Fetal Center at Riley Children’s Health projects it will coordinate 170 multi-disciplinary care conferences this year for expectant mothers whose babies have known birth defects.

The Wells Center continues to use donors’ gifts to recruit world-class investigators for all eight of its teams. Among the latest investigators to join the Wells Center are Joan Cook-Mills, Ph.D., who is now working with the Pulmonary/Asthma/Allergy team, and Rachel Katzenellenbogen, M.D., who has joined the Infectious Diseases and Global Health team.