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When Lucas Grounds' adventure bike spun out on a covered bridge in northern Indiana and slid into a pole, the course of the teen's future was forever changed.

In December of 2020, the seven-time national champion motocross racer who had just signed a deal to go pro suffered a life-altering injury.

At first, he thought the slow-speed collision had just knocked the wind out of him. But soon he realized he couldn't sit up. The high schooler's spinal cord was severed.

Yet today, his spirit remains unbroken.

That spirit, that optimism, that resilience saw him through nearly two months of treatment at Riley Children's Health, where he was flown bu IU Health LifeLine from IU Health Arnett in Lafayette, Indiana.

It hasn't changed the fact that he is paralyzed from the waist down, but the now 17-year old Lucas will never be defined by this fact. He holds out hope that someday he might walk again. yet he is not slowing down in the meantime.

Today, Lucas has his driver's license and gets around using an old luxury station wagon or in his truck, recently enhanced with an LED headliner. Using hand controls, not only can Lucas drive himself around, but he is racing again. This time around, he's racing cars competing in micro sprint racing, a smaller version of sprint cars and a starter class for the series.

And now he will have a new designation to add to his racing resume.

As part of their Riley Day celebration on May 18 at the Indianapolis Motor Speedway, Ed Carpenter Racing will declare Lucas their Honorary Pit Crew Chief. Keep an eye out for Lucas in the garages and trackside, wearing a fire suit compliments of Ed Carpenter Racing.

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