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National Doctors' Day is March 30

We want you to join us in celebrating our Riley doctors. Here’s who some of our Riley families are lifting. You can share a special message of support or thank a doctor here.

"Dr. Rao and his team always do an amazing job! They always answer all of our questions and spend a lot of time with us at each appointment. Anytime we have an issue his office is always efficient. Thanks for all you do!"

- Katie

"Riley Maternity Tower NICU: as we approach a year of Ellie's life we just want you all to know how much appreciation and love we have for you all! Ellie continues to grow and thrive (and have such a wonderful shaped head) we know it would not be possible without the great care we received from entire NICU staff!"

- Craig H

"Our family would like to recognize Dr. Paige Patterson in the HemOnc Department! When our daughter, Molly, was diagnosed with a brain tumor in January 2022, Dr. Patterson met our family before her surgery every happened. She has been a part of our lives for the past two years - through surgery, cancer treatment, and now recovery. Dr. Patterson is a kind and compassionate physician who has taken the time not only to get to know Molly and address her needs, but our entire family as well. We can't even imagine what the last two years would've been like without her knowledge, care, and constant encouragement. Thank you so much, Dr. Patterson! We love you!"

- Cook Family

"Our daughter has CHARGE Syndrome and has been a Riley kid since birth. She has had 23 surgeries to date including three open heart surgeries, pacemaker surgeries, T&A surgery, cleft lip and palate surgeries, two cochlear implants, and more. We cannot name only one of your fantastic doctors, nurses, or other staff members, but are truly grateful for the caring people who have brought our little girl, with God's help, from a very uncertain infancy to having just celebrated her 15th birthday. We have, also, fostered 14 other infants, most with special needs, many of whom were helped through your care. Thank you so much! May God bless you all!"

- Mary and Don