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Why Gifts to Research Matter

Gifts to Research

Pediatric research is about so much more than science. It’s about finding cures where there were none. It’s about giving kids better quality of life. It’s about creating treatments that are more effective and less toxic. It’s about HOPE.

We want you to know your generosity is making a difference.

Thanks to donors’ support, Riley Hospital:

  • Now ranks among the nation’s top ten pediatric research hospitals.
  • Published 181 research studies in 2017, each one representing an advancement in pediatric medicine.
  • Gains additional grant support of about $12 for every dollar donated.
  • Is developing new therapies, including cellular and gene therapy, for diseases including neurofibromatosis, childhood cancers and leukemias, hemophilia, heart and lung problems, infectious diseases and diabetes.
  • Is recruiting world-class investigators for each of the eight teams at our research facility, the Herman B Wells Center for Pediatric Research.

Your gifts fuel innovation by helping Riley investigators launch new projects and obtain federal funding. Every dollar donated leads to $12 in federal support for Riley research.

Top Bridge Funding Examples:

  • $60,000 led to $1,853,280 for Dr. Mark Kaplan’s allergic inflammation research
  • $58,775 led to $1,850,000 for Dr. Mark Kelley’s cancer research
  • $50,000 led to $1,827,000 for Dr. Raghu Mirmira’s diabetes research

With increased support, Riley could launch more studies testing innovative ideas and speed up its search for better treatments and cures. Visit to give hope today.